BCC is looking for Ambassadors to represent various states

1. Pennsylvania
2. New Jersey
3. New York
4. Virginia
5. Maryland
6. Illinois
7. Texas
8. California
9. Florida
10. Georgia

Ambassadors role will be to represent BCC at various professional events, to promote the brand locally and online. Also to work with BCC team to strategize outreach and growth initiatives.

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πŸ”Š Black Career Coach we have members making career transitions next week. We have Seven members going from hourly to salary positions, four members who have just entered Six figure careers and 1 member who received a offer well over $200,000 a year. We wish you the best with your new jobs. Please remember to pull other qualified Black Career Coach members in as you learn of opportunities.

Some lessons from these members.

1. Build better relationships with recruiters. Using a resume distribution service to speed up the process. Bit.ly/blackcareercoach

2. If you desire significant salary growth a job change every 2-3 years will get you there quickly.

3. Certifications can help you advance in a career field.

4. If unemployed create your own job or become a freelancer to avoid gaps in your resume.

#BlackCareerCoach #Congrats #MoneyMoves
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Do you need resume distribution services? Black Career Coach now offers that and more. In the job market today you need to know people. We have direct access to more than 50,000 recruiters, 400 career coaches and have over 450 resume templates in our database or can create a custom resume package. Using Black Career Coach as a reference has also helped with acquiring new jobs and our internships have provided experience for 9 people to secure great positions out of highschool and college starting at $40,000+. Our clients range from entry level to six figure executives. We went global in 2016 helping secure careers for a few women at salaries over $250,000. We have created the standard for Black Career Coaches and are happy to serve you. We want to see you win! Bit.ly/blackcareercoach

To shop our services www.blackcareercoach.org/bcc-shop
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#Repost @babysparklesbiz

Baby Sparkles was the First company to offer the talking 18 inch doll with a recordable feature. #BabySparkles can teach your child different songs, numbers, abc's or leave heart warming messages. Check out a message one doll owner left her daughter when they were separated for months. Her daughter was able to hear her mom voice everyday.
Record daily messages for your little one or teach your child how to create their own. #BabySparkles #DollBaby #TalkingDoll #recordabledoll #playmusic #singsongs #learn #teach #educate #play #create #imagine #travel #militaryfamilies #travelmoms #traveldads #blackmoms #blackdads #kids #children #browngirls order info

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Siblings winning together! Great #photoshoot of #successful #black #family. We have to uplift each other this way. We want to see everyone win! #BlackCareerCoach

Bit.ly/blackcareercoach subscribe to our website and like our facebook page for motivation, encouragement and support.
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