Dr. Tamiera Harris

Dr. Tamiera Harris

Founder and CEO

Dr. Tamiera Harris is the Founder and CEO of Black Career Coach. Dr. Harris is a Certified Career Coach with 15 years’ experience providing resume makeovers, creating career portfolios and development plans. She has helped clients double and triple their income from her career coaching strategies.

Dr. Harris leads a career coaching group on Facebook in which she empowers all members to network and provide career tips and strategies to aid in career growth and development. Dr. Harris has a research background so the foundation of her career strategies is based on having a true understanding of yourself, your goals and your passion. Dr. Harris is passionate about Career Coaching but she also enjoys managing global oncology clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Harris grew up in North Philadelphia and had to overcome a number of obstacles. In her determination to be successful she adapted a results oriented mentality which helped her rapidly climb the career ladder. While pursuing a career she loved in clinical research, Dr. Harris never left career coaching and helped many of her client move from entry level careers to six figure professionals in 2-3 years.

She is the Author of two books pending release which includes Black Career Coach and Projects to PhD. These books will be beneficial to the personal and professional development networks. Please visit her personal website for books and check out some of her business courses  www.drtamierasharris.com.

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