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I was always an overachiever. I went to school and got my degree. Then it was my time to apply for jobs and rejection after rejection they told me I was overqualified. I was devastated and disappointed. Embarrassed and ashamed that after working so hard to achieve my goals, I could not land a good job. I ended up applying for jobs that seemed like a good fit since I had my master’s degree and I was still rejected. They told me my experience was not enough. So there I was overqualified and underemployed. Then things took a turn for the worse. After working for my job for 10 years, I was laid off. I became depressed and worried if I would make it.

I logged on Facebook with tears in my eyes and saw a posting from Dr. Tamiera Harris indicating how she loved career coaching and how she had to give someone a good wakeup call about their career. Well I needed more than a wakeup call. I needed a life jacket because I felt like I was drowning in my despair. Unemployment was getting low and I had applied to so many jobs I honestly lost count. As a last resort I said I would invest in myself and take a chance to at least get some career therapy.

Well my session was exactly what I needed. She kept it real with me and told me that I needed to keep myself busy during this time of unemployment instead of focusing on not having a job. She created me a career portfolio, gave me specific times to job search and told me to acquire a certification while I wait out this job hunt. Well after getting out of my feelings, I listened to everything she said and in 2 weeks I have my first phone interview.

By the next week I had 3 in person interviews. All this time wasted, tears shed, and I had a career coach so close to me. The fact that I added this pursuit of a certification must of sparked interest in my resume along with the drastic resume makeover. I went from making $17 dollars an hour to unemployed then with the help of my Career Coach I secured a job making $87,000 a year! Life is great and that is not all. As a BCC member I continue to receive motivation and tips which will allow me to continue to grow professionally. Thanks Coach!

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