Research Program Manager, Philadelphia PA

I was always an overachiever and quickly was able to achieve my educational goals. Then it was my time to apply for jobs and rejection letter after rejection letter they simply told me I was overqualified. I was devastated and disappointed. Embarrassed and ashamed that after working so hard to achieve my goals, I could not land a good job. I ended up applying for jobs that seemed like a good fit since I had my Master’s degree and I was still rejected. They told me my experience and education was not enough, too much or just not a good fit. So there I was overqualified and underemployed. Then things took a turn for the worse. After working for my job for 10 years, I was laid off. I became depressed and worried if I would make it.

I logged on Facebook with tears in my eyes and saw a posting from Dr. Tamiera Harris indicating how she loved career coaching and how she had to give someone a good wake up call about their career. Well I needed more than a wake up call. I needed a life jacket because I felt like I was drowning in my despair. Unemployment was getting low and I had applied to so many jobs I honestly lost count. As a last resort I said I would invest in myself and take a chance to at least get some career therapy lol.

Well my session was exactly what I needed. She kept it real with me and told me that I needed to keep myself busy during this time of unemployment instead of focusing on not having a job. She created me a career portfolio, gave me specific times to job search and told me to acquire a certification while I wait out this job hunt. Well after getting out of my feelings, I listened to everything she said and in 2 weeks I have my first phone interview.

By the next week I had 3 in person interviews. All this time wasted, tears shed, and I had a career coach so close to me. The fact that I added this pursuit of a certification must of sparked interest in my resume along with the drastic resume makeover. I went from making $17 dollars an hour to unemployed then with the help of my Career Coach I secured a job making $87,000 a year! Life is great and that is not all. As a member of the Professional Association of Black Career Coaches I continue to receive motivation and tips which will allow me to continue to grow professionally. Thanks Coach!

*Please note Theresa secured a project management certificate which opened her up to salaried positions at the professional level. Her salary jump is not typical however she was severely underpaid. This is a disadvantage that many employees face when they stay at a company for too long. – Black Career Coach

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