Our Team

Brianna Bucknor

Social Media Manager

Brianna is a seasoned professional in the development and execution of social media engagement, monitoring, reporting and analysis. She has extensive knowledge of social media sites, trends, tools and analytics platforms. As a true professional she has the ability to balance a company’s, editorial and social marketing objectives, thereby ensuring that a target audience gets the right message. She manages Black Career Coach Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. She is a resourceful and savvy online specialist who is not only able to oversee a business’s social media channels, but is also able to contribute to its daily content offering.

Denene Rice

Event Manager

Denene is a dynamic and driven individual with a continuous improvement mind set who has a strong background for delivering successful events. On a personal level she is a confident and passionate manager who mentors, train and motivate her team to achieve their business event goals. Her key strengths lie in controlling the flow and details of events getting things done on time and within budget.

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