Background on Black Career Coach Training Academy:

Dr. Tamiera Harris is the CEO of Black Career Coach. She has more than 15 years experience providing coaching and resume preparation services. She leads Black Career Coach Training Academy and with the help of other leading experts she helped create the curriculum for the Certified Career Coach credential provided by the Professional Association of Black Career Coaches. In her research on industry standards for career coaching Dr. Harris found one major issue lacking in most training programs and that was training minorities on how to succeed in the workforce. Most training programs overlooked this critical piece to career coaching and this is where Black Career Coach Training Academy decided to not only focus but set a new standard. How can people train others on how to succeed when they are scared to address certain issues that prevent minorities from getting ahead. Dr. Harris is a fearleass leader and looking to add more career coaches to the team. Will you be next to join us?

Black Career Coach Training Academy Services Include:

1. Community Career Training Programs
2. Professional Development Courses
3. Webinars and Live Streams
4. PABCC Certified Career Coach Credential
5. PABCC Accredited Coaching Training Program Credential

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