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Our High Five Formula has helped job seekers excel faster and make more money in their careers than traditional coaching methods. We focus on five areas which includes: Our Resume and LinkedIn Premier Package, Confidence Coaching, Focused Job Strategy Template, Salary Negotiation Guide and Ongoing Coaching Updates Annually.

Defining Your Purpose, Interests & Goals

Career Planning

Personal Development and Career Research

Job Leads & Networking

Branding Your Career

Job Search and Interview Strategy

Salary Negotiation & Accepting A Job Offer

Ongoing Career Management

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Career Coaching is providing people with the support and confidence to achieve their goals and using simple strategies to allow people to create the life they desire.


Career Coaching is right for you if you are feeling stuck, needing direction, ready for a career change, feeling undervalued at work, overworked, underpaid or simply ready to take your career to the next level. Everyone should invest in career coaching annually. You have the potential to excel faster and make more money than your counterparts with a Career Coach.


We recommend all clients get a complete resume and coaching package. After your coaching call you will receive an action plan. If more coaching is needed, we would set up terms based on individual needs. We recommend annual coaching at minimum. Others who need more intensive coaching, faster job placement or career changes than we recommend coaching sessions weekly, biweekly or monthly until new position is secured. Our goal is to have all clients placed within 30-90 days with leads, interviews and or job offers.


Coaching takes time and to have the most success we recommend that you get a true career package from Black Career Coach. Still our goal is to see you win regardless of your ability to secure a coach. Therefore we offer free 15 minute coaching calls to give you an opportunity to speak with a coach and to determine if our services would help with your career goals.

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Dr. Harris grew up in a North Philadelphia Projects where she learned how to adapt and overcome obstacles. She is a Best-Selling Author of The Road To Success, a leading expert in Clinical Project Management, a Certified Career & Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Business Owner. She has a unique perspective to Career Coaching and one of the few coaches who has been able to maintain multiple businesses, a Career Coaching Training Academy all while excelling in her own Clinical Research Career. Dr. Harris built her coaching business to not only to support job seekers but also to help other Black Career Coaches create a more balanced life doing the things they love without sacrificing time which Dr. Harris believes is our most valuable asset. Coaching is a passion of Dr. Harris and she just can’t stay away from it. You will find her coaching others online everyday just because she loves to see others win! It’s a natural thing for her to do it after coaching people for over 20 years. She is an expert in the Coaching and Project Management industries and often speak on topics such as overcoming obstacles, diversity in the workforce, Clinical Project Management, business strategies and on family and child welfare issues.

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What Clients Are Saying…

“I have a Career that I love and I am paid what I deserve! Thanks Black Career Coach for working with me to find the best Career Coach for my needs.”

“The turnaround was so fast! I had my package back in just a few days not weeks. I got the job and a extra $30,000 per year.”

“I have a Six Figure Career In The Clinical Research Industry Thanks to Black Career Coach. This was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I get to travel the world and work remotely. This is a dream come true.”

“Dr. Harris helped me break into the coaching industry. I felt weird reaching out for help but she assured me that this was her purpose more than anything. She want more Black Career Coaches to come forward to support. She did not hold anything back and gave me a simple strategy to earn my first $1000 in coaching in the first week. She then shared her strategy for creating a six figure coaching business. This is what we need. There is room for us all. Thank you!”

“When I am ready for my next Career Move I will work with Black Career Coach. The team is professional and get the job done everytime. I have sent multiple referrals and they come back to me and say things like why haven’t you shared this resource sooner. Hopefully more people will learn about Career Coaching and the difference it can make in their lives.”

We are partnering with Black Career Coach to train our students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Dr. Harris is relatable and her book and street smarts allows her to connect with our urban group on a personal level.

CEO, Training Consultant Client


We brought Dr. Harris in to help us better understand diversity issues we were facing. She spoke with our team to make sure they understood their voices mattered and helped us to create a program to engage our employees on topics that supported their understanding of the company culture and their own individual goals.

Vice President, Speaker Client




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